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Entry level N95 comparing 3M 9502+ SH3500

Hello friends, today we make a comparing video of the entry-level N95.

The main characters are 3M’s new model, 9502 + and Sanhuei 3500, + means it is a new pro version.

First of all, let’s take a look at the box. It’s beautifully printed, the font is very clear, and it’s easy to read. It is a standard CDC NIOSH N95 made in China.

Then we noticed that there was a special security tag on the box, which was an online verification serial number.

Scratch the surface and input the number into the corresponding 3M website to verify the authenticity of the mask.

Notice that it can be verified only once, and if do it again, it will be invalid.

So it’s impossible for him to be copied. There is no doubt that it is a genuine 3M official product.

OK, let’s open the box.

We can see that the mask is made of needle punched cotton.

First, here is special 3M stripes laser printing, you can see stripes one by one.

The lot numbers are different from each box.

And then we see that the head straps are innovative, are one-piece. This avoids the risk of surface damage when nailing.

Let’s compare the earlier style, 9010. It pierces the surface when it hits nails. It is not a big problem.

However, when the mask is pulled, there is a risk that the hole will be enlarged and the air may leak from the front.

The integrated head straps completely avoid these risks.

Next, we see the entry-level sh3500 of Sanhuei. It is designed with a special head straps position so that no surface deformation will be caused.

The surface materials and the inside materials have a bit different , but only improve the skin feeling, so there is no big difference.

Comparing the sizes, SH3500 a bit higher, but almost the same sizing.

Face side size width and height: 3500 4*6.4 inch, 9502+ 4*6.2inch.

There is also a feature that head straps can be adjusted and special buckles provided.

The overall feeling is the head straps should be a little soft, and the good thing is, it has a adjustment buckle.

The workmanship is also very neat. One is an external metal clip, the other is a built-in metal clip.

Both of the metal clips are medium, not too strong, should not be folded many times.

Overall comparing summary: as entry-level N95s, they are highly cost-effective and meet the non-surgical needs, suitable for bulk purchase.

Personally feeling SH 3500 a bit more beautiful / fashion, but 3M brand is famous, classic, and the reliability is better.

The feeling of wearing 9502+ is a bit tight, but the belt is wide, so it is also comfortable. Belt of SH3500 is soft but length adjustable.

The respiratory penetration rate of 9502+ was a bit easier.

We will send two to the testing center to make our own inspection videos soon.

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