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The FDA has mandated that all employees working with food must wear a face masks whenever they are in contact with food, whether it’s simply walking by it or interacting with it in any way.

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To maintain hygienic food processing environments, many farms, plants, and factories have prerequisite policies and procedures in place to manage food safety risks, including cleaning and sanitation, proper storage, climate, and temperature-controlled environments, and personal hygiene expectations of workers. Food industry employees working in warehouse or factory settings can also run the risk of breathing contaminated air caused by suboptimal air ventilation. It is not uncommon for workers to endure long shifts in these environments therefore a well-fitting, comfortable, and breathable respirator mask becomes a necessity.
Food processing companies are required to follow strict safety guidelines to protect their employees from exposure to infectious agents. Wearing an N95 respirator is one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of inhaling harmful viruses and bacteria, but it’s important to know how and when to wear your mask properly.
Before you pick up your next mask, make sure you know how to wear an N95 mask properly so that you can be as safe as possible at work. At n95instock, we provide more than 100 n95 masks to meet your needs.

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