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Our N95 masks supplier diversity program’s mission is to form mutually beneficial partnerships with small and diverse businesses that allow us to deliver superior and innovative products and services, helping us to meet the needs of customers each week with responsibly produced products and services. Becoming & suppliers please email us.

For Supply Chain
Jiang Bin
Jiuhu Instock Co Ltd
Foshan, GD, China

For Sales
Abbey Yang
Instocking LLC
Lewes, DE 19958


FDA registered

FDA registered Face Mask



CE FFP 123/Type 123/R Mask



PPE Suppliers

Who are we?

We are an N95 mask specialty store that sells most N95 varieties to help different groups of people choose their own masks and cope with different working environments.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are mainly small businesses, such as cleaning companies, nursing homes, health centers, small clinics, decoration companies, small food processing, and small manufacturing, etc. Their single orders are small, but they will repurchase for a long time.

Grow Together, Please let us know each other.

Any reference sites?
Are there any sales restrictions? price, etc.
Dropship and wholesale terms?
What is the price of a small batch (1 box) and where is the shipment from?
What is the wholesale price and MOQ?
For wholesale orders, how long will it take to ship?
What are the terms of payment for wholesale?

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Grow Together!

  1. We only cooperate with the legal agents with genuine guarantees.
  2. We only cooperate with stable suppliers who are registered in the FDA/ CE/ NIOSH/ with effective testing reports.
  3. We only accept high-quality products and have a fair price policy.