Which face mask is most appropriate for work?

Face Mask For Work

With many businesses reopening, you may be wondering which mask should you and your employees wear to work? What kind are available? Which offers the most protection? This is a mask protection solution for real routine work scenarios, such as going to work, hairdressers, restaurant waiters, chefs, barbers, drivers, commuting, taking the subway, etc.

It makes sense to want to put your employees’ safety first and require face masks to be worn in the workplace.

You may also want to provide face masks at your workplace to ensure that everyone is wearing a mask at all times. While these masks cannot prevent infection from loose fits or inadequate filtration, it offers basic protection against transmission from sneezing and talking.

Which masks are most effective at work? Which face mask is most appropriate for work? It may depend on where you work. When it comes to the best mask for your workplace, you have a few options from N95InStock.

a number of manufacturers are now designing face masks specifically for work, to and from work, social contact, running, cycling, and working out.

UNIAIR SH3500 N95 Mask SAN HUEI Respirator CDC NIOSH Approved

$113.00 $79.00 $3.95 EA Lowest price

3M 9502+ NIOSH Approved N95 Mask Folding particulate respirator

$213.00 $149.00 / $2.98EA

Shining Star SS-6001 N95 Filtering Facepiece CDC NIOSH Approved

$142.00 $99.00 / $4.95 EA

N95 Mask 4 Pieces Individual Wrapped Kits for Experience

$27.00 $19.00 / 4 Pieces

Benehal MS8225 Individual Wrapped N95 Mask CDC Niosh Approved

$156.00 $109.00 / $5.45 EA

Benehal MS8265 N95 Mask with Valve CDC NIOSH Approved

$113.00 $79.00 / $7.90 EA

FANGTIAN FT-N040 N95 Filtering Facepiece CDC Niosh Approved

$142.00 $99.00 / $4.95 EA

Honeywell H910 Plus N95 Mask CDC NIOSH Approved

$384.00 $269.00 / $5.38 EA

Dasheng DTC3X N95 Particulate Respirator CDC Niosh Approved

$193.00 $135.00 / $6.75 EA

Harley L-188 N95 Filtering Facepiece Air Purifying Respirator

$199.00 $139.00 / $6.95 EA

PHG 5160 (Part Number 879 N95) American Made N95 Mask

$200.00 $187.50

FANGTIAN FT-N010 N95 Mask CDC NIOSH Approved

$158.00 $119.00

AOK 20180016-L Silicone sealed Folded N95 Mask CDC Niosh Approved

$110.00 $76.90 Min.10 Boxes per Order $7.69 EA

Benehal MS8865 N95 Mask with Valve in Small Size CDC NIOSH Approved

$129.00 $79.00

3M 9010 CN N95 Mask Filtering Facepiece


KN95 Masks Individually Wrapped

$99.00$198.00 / $1.98 EA

DYCROL K03 Individual Wrapped KN95 Face Mask FDA and CE Approved

$25.40 $17.80 / $1.48EA

BYD DE2322 N95 Mask Individually Wrapped CDC NIOSH Approved

$152.00 $109.00

Shining Star SS6001V N95 Mask with Valve CDC NIOSH Approved

$152.00 $109.00

AERO PRO Branded AP0028 Surgical N95 Mask CDC NIOSH and 510K Approved

$169.00 $129.00