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Nask N95 respirator produced by Profit Royal Pharmaceutical Ltd. Out of 31 Nanofiber product manufacturers world wide, Profit Royal Pharmaceutical Ltd. Is one of only 2 entities that can apply this Nanotechnology for mass production. Naskhas successfully mass produce the worlds first Antimicrobial Nanofiber N99 efficient air purifying mask. Its patented nanotechnology allows NASK SM-N9501 n95 particulate respirator mask to be apart from the current N95 brands with better performance in terms of filtration efficiency, air permeability and protection. Tested and verified by Nelsen labs, NASK SM-N9501 N95 NIOSH mask can kill over 99% of Bacteria within 5 minutes. Strong protection against germs, bacteria and smog, suitable for medical, health care centers and highly polluted environment. The most influential product is the Nask SM-N9501 N95 NIOSH Nanofiber Respirator Mask.

Nask N95 mask has passed strict NIOSH certification. Nask brand is trustworthy.

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