Travel Safety & Healthy

Travel Face Mask Kit

It's perfect for anyone who has a low immune system, hygiene conscious, likes things clean, and anyone else who wants to protect themselves and stay clean and healthy when traveling. Travel safety face mask kit is perfect for parties, business meetings, travel essential for air travel, cruises, boats, rideshare vehicles, trains, buses, subways, stadiums, concerts, and anywhere else you travel.

Benehal MS6115L N95 Filtering Facpiece Air Purifying Respirator CDC Niosh Approved Cup Size

$28.99 / $1.45 EA

Benehal MS8225 Individual Wrapped N95 Mask CDC Niosh Approved

$23.89 $1.19/EA lowest

UNIAIR SH2550V N95 Mask SAN HUEI Industrial Filtering Facepiece CDC NIOSH Respirator

$39.50 / $3.95 EA

Shining Star SS6001-N95 Filtering Facepiece CDC NIOSH Approved

$23.80$39.00 $1.19/EA lowest

Shining Star SS9001-N95 Filtering Facepiece CDC NIOSH Approved

$54.90 / $2.75/EA

BESTG 8295 N95 Filtering Facepiece CDC NIOSH Approved

$69.00 / $3.45 EA

BESTG 8295V N95 Mask With Valve NIOSH TC-84-7869

$36.50 / $3.65 EA

3M 9132 N95 Mask Healthcare Respirator Folding Individually Wrapped

$69.00$109.00 / $2.30 EA

Benehal 6215 N95 Filtering Facepiece NIOSH Approved

$38.00 / $1.90 EA

GIKO 1200H N95 Mask Filtering Facepiece CDC NIOSH Approved

$49.50 / $2.48 EA