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N95 mask creates discomfort and solutions

Wearing an N95 mask for a long time brings discomfort, and most nurses begin to experience pain in the stressed area 2 to 3 hours after entering the isolation ward, especially above the ear profile, followed by the nose and cheeks. There are also doctors who believe that there is a noticeable pain in the nose shortly after entering the isolation ward. Individual nurses believe that pain above the ear profile occurs after 4 hours when the mask is worn well. This pain does not ease immediately after removing the N95 mask, usually lasting several hours, with the longest day 2 still feeling the pain.

The appearance of pressure sores in N95 masks was positively related to the time spent wearing N95 masks. Nurses wear N95 masks every time the time is generally more than 6 hours, so each time out there are pressure sores, pressure sores are also related to the frequency of entry into the isolation ward, the appearance of deep tissue damage in the nasal beam nurses in the appearance of pressure sores 3 days before continuous access to the isolation ward, each time 6 to 8 hours. The doctor 2 people each time into the isolation ward time is less than 2 hours, but the face indentation is obvious, half an hour can not subside. Dasheng N95 masks has a lot of type, are doing very well, is recommended by many people to use.

N95 mask discomfort list

  1. The nurse with the hair tie believes that the pressure sores above the ear profile are associated with the height of the hair. Short hair suggests that during the wear of the N95 mask, the strap above the mask slides, compressing the upper part of the ear profile and causing significant pain.
  2. Personal face and under-skin fat thickness is different, but also affect the comfort of N95 mask wearing, rounded-faced medical staff is more suitable for wearing N95 mask, under-skin fat thick medical staff, when wearing N95 mask discomfort will be significantly reduced.
  3. Paramedics mentioned the impact of wearing glasses on them, especially when the frame slipped on the bridge of the nose, which had the pressure of an N95 mask, accelerating the formation of pressure sores.
  4. Some nurses mentioned that the temperature of the environment is too high, the body consumes a lot, sweats a lot, not only causes the fog of protective glasses, increases the discomfort of wearing a mask, the face is wet, after-hours mask indentation is more obvious.
  5. Some nurses believe that the N95 mask nasal plastic part of the material rough, will cause contact with the skin discomfort, more prone to pressure sores.
  6. Some doctors believe that when wearing multiple layers of masks, the outer mask will compress the inner mask, thus accelerating the formation of pressure sores.

A way to reduce N95 mask discomfort

To reduce the pressure time is the best way to prevent medical device-related pressure sores. Hair-tie nurses mention that the hair as high as possible, so that the strap above the N95 mask away from the top of the ear profile, will reduce the pain above the ear profile, wear more comfortable.

Use of Water collate dressing to protect the skin, enhance the skin’s resistance is also very important, skin care products properly rub a little thicker, can prevent pressure sores.

Continuous pressure is the primary factor in the occurrence of pressure sores. The longest time the skin can withstand capillary pressure is 2 to 4 hours, more than will cause ishemia damage to the skin. The long-term use and tight fixation of the N95 mask can cause pressure on the tissue, and the interaction between pressure and moisture can affect the formation of medical device-related pressure sores due to the inability to observe and clean the skin. In the case of abundant medical personnel and adequate protective substances, the shift of 4 hours 1 shift, the most in line with physiological needs, but also in line with the N95 mask wearing norms. At the same time, appropriately reduce the temperature of the environment, reduce sweating, can keep the face dry. However, when understaffed or limited in protective substances, it can be extended up to 6 hours and 1 shift. When the protective equipment is worn for more than 6 hours, not only will the adsorption and filtering function of the N95 mask decrease, but the adverse events will also increase significantly. Shigematsu N95 masks is very soft, easy to adjust the strap.

In addition to procedures and specifications, senior nurses with experience working in isolation wards can be asked to share their experiences when training in the wear of protective equipment. In the deployment of human resources should consider the problem managers not only consider the wishes, seniority, ability of nurses, but also consider the medical staff’s own conditions, such as whether to wear glasses, face shape is rounded. Face lines are too hard, especially under the skin fat too little face shape, not only will affect the N95 mask closed, but also increase the occurrence of facial pressure sores, wear mask discomfort increased.

Wear the N95 masks and comfort it

By observing the efficacy of Hydrocolloid Dressing in mechanically breathable facial pressure sores, it was found that Hydrocolloid Dressing improved the comfort of patients’ treatment. The gel dressing was cut into saddle shape to protect the patient’s nose bridge and nose wing skin, and achieved more satisfactory results.

The pain relief methods and comfort are: pre-use of Hydrocolloid Dressing to protect the skin, relieve pressure, wear the N95 mask, the upper strap as far up, the lower strap as far down as possible, so that the wearer has a more comfortable experience, wearers can use the glasses fixer, relieve the pressure of the glasses on the nose bridge. AOK N95 masks brand is doing a good job in this regard.

It is recommended that the model and style of the N95 mask be selected according to the function of the device, and the device with better softness and flexibility should be selected as far as possible. According to the face size of the production of large, medium and small different models of N95 masks for medical personnel to choose from, improve the texture of the belt, increase softness, the length of the belt can adjust.

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