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We integrate quality factories to provide high-quality products

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We are protective mask supplier , we cooperate with famous brand such as 3M,  Makrite, Dasheng, Hong zhenghao, Honeywell, KIMBERLY CLARK.
Our N95 face masks are FDA approved CE certified.  We provide best and new masks products for global.
Certified Masks, Reasonable Price
Our business grows quickly,  we have  N95instock brand and stores so can sell global:

Our protective mask show room:

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Ninelakes Company

We are the trading company. We have long-term and close cooperation relationships with several factories to ensure that we can give customers the ability to respond quickly.

  • We do International trade for 10 years
  • Medical registration certificated
  • Stable supply from over 20 Factories
  • Official products test reports
  • CE / FDA certificated
  • Safe delivery express system
  • OEM prints and packages support
  • Order online technology support
  • Have Branches in USA and Australia

We were founded in 2010, is a goods trade, sales and services in one
company.We not only provide products with unique functions, reliable quality,
stable quality, safety and price competitiveness, but also provide professional
technical consultation and services, and bring you market information and
product suggestions.

  • Our main products include:
    Disposable medical and daily N95 masks, disposable medical masks, medical
    protective clothing, protective suits, protective gloves, shoe covers, goggles,
  • Our goal:
    Let customers save time, let customers make money from our solutions!
  • Our qualifications:
    All team members have bachelor degree or above. Familiar with foreign trade,
    international logistics and medical equipment. Strong practical experience
    problem solving ability. Much market experience
  • Service content:
    Products, Sample supply
    Help product OEM customization
    Market data technology consulting and consultant
  • Our advantage:
    High quality products, professional service team,reasonable price, online
    business data, provide overall solution

  • We have stable supply from over 20 Factories
    So we can guarantee fast, stable and high quality

  • We handle international orders. Can also directly order online.
  • We have customer service and merchandiser handling orders.

We have an ongoing commitment to both superior product design and continuous technological improvements in the manufacturing process so you get quality products you can trust.

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