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Champak N95 Mask

The Champak branded N95 masks are produced by Champak Enterprise Co., Ltd. All have passed strict NIOSH certification. In addition, Champak's respirators are superior in quality and cost-effectiveness. This company comes from Taiwan, China. With more than 30 years of development, the products cover porous activated carbon cloth, electronic grade wipe cloth, domestic and industrial water filter core, and N95 Masks.

Development history of Brand Champak.

Brand champak is owned by Champak Enterprise Co., Ltd

In 1985.  Champak Enterprise Co., Ltd was established in Taiwan. At the initial stage, it mainly produced general flat masks.

In 2000,  it was encouraged by the local government to produce porous activated carbon cloths, electronic grade wipes, household and industrial water filters to meet market demands.

In 2003, concentrated on the research and development of antibacterial, high protection and high breathable masks. During the outbreak of SARS, It supplied a large number of masks to medical institutions.

In 2006, started to produce N95 masks. As of 2021,13 types of excellent N95 masks were produced by Champak Enterprise Co., Ltd. The most famous of which are Champak F550 and Champak PC520L N95 Mask.

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