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Facing multiply choice for various kinds of mask, how to select the proper one to protect ourselves and our family?

Firstly, N95 and KN95 masks are currently the best masks on the market considering their efficiency against harmful particles like the COVID-19.

N95 masks are currently tested and approved by NIOSH and FDA.

KN95 masks are currently tested and regulated by the Chinese government, under the regulations GB2626-2006, GB2626-2019, and GB19083-2010.

KN95 masks are tested for their respiratory protection and filtration efficiency, just like the N95 masks. KN95 is globally available and used. And FDA has issued an emergency use authorization letter for the Chinese KN95 masks.

Just like the N95 masks, KN95 masks have more or less 95% filtration efficiency

N95 masks are currently recommended to be worn by the health care staff and first responders. These masks are not recommended for the general public, because they’re definitely more needed in the medical community and people who work directly with COVID-19 patients. However, if members of the general public come across an N95 mask, they are more than recommended to wear it, in case they don’t have another type of mask at disposal.

So if you just need to wear masks in low risk area, KN95 or 3-ply disposable mask should be enough to protect you. If you will go to high risk area, KN95 or N95 are both workable.