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XL large N95 mask, extra large N95 mask for sale or best N95 mask for large face in stock. Suit for large face, large head or large nose.

Extra large N95 mask includes Respokare N95 Surgical Respirator x-Large Mask and Large Nask N95 mask.

Respokare X-Large N95 mask:
The antimicrobial and/or antiviral agent which kills specified pathogens under specified contact conditions. Flat fold design provides convenient storage and portability.

Nask Nanofiber extra large N95 mask:
Inhalation and exhalation resistances are 35mm and 25mm H2O, NASK SM-9501 N95 respirator particulate mask is more breathable with inhalation and exhalation resistances less than 13 and 9 (mmH2O).

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