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DOBU N95 respirator produced by DOBU LIFE TECH Co., Ltd. Who is the leading the development of masks for Industries to protect the respiratory organ of the human body since it has been established in 1970, currently conducting all production processes within the country by securing the whole line, from the design of the product to the production. As one of the fastest-growing enterprises currently with over 450 employees in 5 international branches, DOBU LIFE TECH is the global leader in state-of-the-art new technology & product development. With more than 51 years of development, it is one of the professional mask manufacturers who got more than 50 international certifications which including CDC NIOSH approval, CE, EAC, LA and KCS. The category they produced covers nearly all kinds of masks and warm welcome by various customers from the whole world. The most influential product is the DOBU 201B and DOBU 500 filtering Facepiece.

DOBU N95 mask has passed strict NIOSH certification. DOBU MASK brand is trustworthy.

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