As of August 13 , 2021, NIOSH has revoked ALL approvals issued to Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Dasheng is a great brand of N95 masks, but unfortunately it was cancelled. Their company cannot effectively prevent fakes from appearing on the market. Instocking LLC insists on direct purchase by the manufacturer to guarantee the authenticity, but we still obey the decision of the CDC to withdraw the product. Customers of Instocking LLC do not have to worry about quality issues, please go to NIOSH N95 Mask List find alternatives.

The Dasheng N95 respirator produced by Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co., Ltd. passed the strict NIOSH certification. With more than 20 years of development, Dasheng has been the leader of the mask industry in China. Except for GB standard, their products also meet European Standard EN149:2001+A1:2009 with FFP1 NR/FFP2 NR/FFP3 NR grades, American Niosh N95/N99. FDA(510K), Australia standard AS/NZS1716:2003 and Japanese standard DS-2.This company comes from Shanghai, China, and exports PPE products to more than 60 countries for many years. The category they produced covers nearly all kinds of mask such as twin-valve masks, net surface masks camo-war mask,anti-fire masks, multiple folded mask,s and anti-virus mask. By the year 2020, they possess more than 20 models for Niosh N95 respirator. The most influential product is the Dasheng DTC3X and DTC3W N95 filtering Facepiece.

Dasheng N95 mask has passed strict NIOSH and 510K certification and is our qualified supplier. Dasheng brand is trustworthy.

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