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Effect of wearing N95 mask for a long time on facial skin

If you wear the N95 mask for a long time, the skin is prone to all kinds of discomfort symptoms, but also easy to local skin caused obvious bruises, resulting in skin damage and other conditions, serious cases can even lead to local skin crushes and other symptoms. And pressure injury is due to the body’s local tissue long-term pressure, blood circulation disorders, so that its local tissue lack of nutrition, skin lost normal function, resulting in local tissue necrotization or damage. This not only increases the suffering of medical personnel, but also increases the risk of infection. Therefore, in order to reduce the occurrence of a series of adverse conditions, the selection of water collate dressing for care, hydrocolleome dressing is mainly used to protect the wound surface, has the role of promoting wound surface healing. Cut the water colloid dressing into strips and place it under the N95 mask to avoid facial damage and increase comfort.

If the medical staff wear a mask not more than 4 h, generally will not cause damage to the skin. However, if the wear time is more than 8 h, will be the nose, cheekbones and ears and other thin areas of the dermatic cortical layer of the skin damage, because these areas lack fat layer buffer, it is easy to cause stress-related damage, early may be manifested as skin depression or congestion and other symptoms, serious people may even appear skin breakage, infection and other phenomena. Medical personnel wear N95 masks for long periods of time, the face is prone to varying degrees of pressure and other symptoms, coupled with these protective equipment directly in contact with the face skin, it is easy to leave indentation in the face of medical staff, and even directly on the face of medical staff, thereby increasing the risk of infection exposure. Therefore, in this case, health care workers should not only correctly understand the causes of facial injuries, such as: pressure, shearing and friction, moisture, allergies, etc., but also choose the correct way to wear protective equipment and local stress reduction measures. Benehal N95 masks is doing a good job in this regard.

As the temperature of the skin increases by 1 degree C, the metabolic oxygen demand of the tissue increases by 10%, and the tissue continues to be in a warming hypoxia condition. The main components of hydrocolletic dressings are: viscous materials, hydrocollexuals, artificial elastomers. Among them, the viscous material is to provide an important guarantee of viscosity, and the absorption function exists on the basis of hydrocolleome, it has the effect of local lubrication, isolation, but also weaken the active ingredients of fibroblasts, to ensure that the skin under the dressing can be kept dry and clean. In addition, it can reduce the growth of bacteria.

Hydrocollectors are polymer-specific materials that can effectively reduce the risk of allergic reactions to the skin, while artificial elastomers maintain the elasticity of the dressing.

Hydrocolloid dressing has better elasticity and breathability, can help the sore wound surface recovery speed, avoid further damage to the face, and hydrocolloid is a new type of polymer special material, the use process is not easy to cause allergies to the skin. From the above study, it can be seen that after the medical staff of the observation group were treated with hydrocolleome dressing, the rate of pressure sores and skin discomfort were significantly lower than that of the control group medical staff (P< 0.05). The hydrocolleum is pasted on the face pressure of medical personnel, and its closed translucent membrane can guarantee local hypoxia, make capillaries generate rapidly, and correct the microcirculation of local tissue. At the same time, it can also reduce the friction of the skin, prevent pressure injury, hydrocolleome as a high-type polymer special material, attached to the pressurized skin, its closed translucent membrane to protect the local skin low oxygen pressure, stimulate local blood circulation, improve microcirculation, so as to achieve the prevention or treatment of pressure sores.

In summary, for medical personnel wearing N95 masks, the use of hydrocolleome dressing prevention, reduce the risk of pressure sores, but also effectively improve facial comfort, reduce the degree of skin pressure injury, promote wound healing, worthy of clinical application.

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