Fashion N95 pink women’s FDA approval Western face protective mask

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Blue N95= fashion cloth mask  + N95 mask.

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  • Fashion pink cloth maks+ N95 face masks
  • High quality  Filtration rate than 98%
  • FDA CE approval  and tested guaranteed
  • Good looking design, will not fell awkward putting on N95
  • Western face design, it is bigger than normal N95/KN95
  • Individual  package

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Basic knowledge of protective mask

What are droplet precautions?

Droplet prevention is to prevent the spread of infectious substances, large particle droplets and aerosols at close range (3 feet away) by wearing surgical masks or higher protective efficiency masks. These droplets are usually produced when patients cough and blow their noses.

What is BFE?

BFE is the bacterial filtration efficiency, which measures the efficiency of respirator filtration of bacteria.

What is PFE?

PFE is the particle filtration efficiency, which measures the efficiency of respirator filtering particles.

What is delta P (AP)?

The air permeability is through the pressure difference of the mask, unit: mm H2O / cm2. High delta P means it is difficult to breathe when wearing the mask.

What is liquid impedance?

It is defined as the construction of the material to reduce liquid penetration contact with the user. Liquid impedance can reduce the exposure of blood and body fluids to spray, splashing and splashing. Currently, ASTM 160mm Hg fluid resistance test is generally used.

The meaning of the so-called “N95” is the dust mask certified by NIOSH N95,

The filtration efficiency of 0.3 μ m (μ m) is 95%.

In addition to the specifications for dust masks for industrial use in the United States,

It can also refer to similar regulations and standards of the European Union and Japan as reference for purchasing masks.

EU standard classification is ffp1 FFP2 ffp3

Australian classification P1 P2 P3

Japanese standard classification is DS1 DS2 DS3

American Standard Classification: N95 n99 N100, R95 R99 R100, p95 p99 P100

Chinese standard classification is Kn90 kn95 kn100, kp90 kp95 kp100

Because most of the bacteria are more than 0.3 μ m and the size of the droplets is more than 10 μ m, the main purpose of the surgical masks used by the medical staff is to avoid the spread of bacteria in the mouth foam and sneeze of the medical workers. The ability of filtering the 0.3 μ m (μ m) suspended particles is 66% to 76%. The normal surgical masks can filter out the diameter of 0.0 Any particle with a diameter of more than 0.5 μ M can be filtered by N95 mask. The N100 mask can filter particles with a diameter of more than 0.1 μ M.

Including the United States, the European Union, Australia and Japan and other countries have set validation standards.

Take the United States for example, the National Institute of occupational safety and health

(The National Institute for Occupational Safety andH e a l t h,N I O S H)

It has three levels of N, R and P, with strict test conditions.

N represents n otresistant to oil, which means that the filter material cannot be used in the environment containing oil and gas;

R represents resistant to oil, which means that the filter material has the ability to isolate oil and gas within 8 hours;

Level P represents oil proof, which means oil and gas can be completely isolated.

The filtration efficiency of each grade can be divided into 9 5 – 9 8 and 1 00 three grades,

N – 95 means that more than 95% of particles can be captured at any time during the test,

N – 9 9 can capture 99% of particles,

N-100 can capture 99.97% of particles, and so on.

In addition, biological particles belong to general particles rather than oily particles,

It is not necessary to use R-grade and P-grade filtering oil properties.

In the current special period, ordinary people only need to use masks for general surgery. If possible, you can also use N95 level or above protective mask, and wash your hands frequently.

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 20 × 14 cm





FDA approval N95;
CE EN149:2001 FFP2;
GB2626-2006 KN95;

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