Shipment in Special period

Special period for COVID-19

Maybe some delays
We will use all our efforts to deliver the goods safely, which is our original duty.
But the epidemic affected many air transport, land transport, terminal transport, customs clearance all over the world, resulting in the inevitable delay of goods. It is estimated that there will be a delay of 2-3 days compared with the normal shipping time.
Tracking package
If your package have been sent, we will keep a tracking number on the page. You can track the goods information by yourself.
Packaging claimed name maybe changed
For safety and some international  reason,  paper packaging maybe abandoned and claims other inconspicuous name, such as “cloths” or ” masks”. we guarantee  all goods original genius, good quality, FDA certificated,  certification can be verified online.
Protect yourself
During the epidemic, please reduce going out and contacting others, try to shop and work online, and wish you good health.