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April 24th

Selection from Surgical Masks and N95 Respirators


The FDA regulates surgical masks and surgical N95 respirators differently based on their intended use.

  • An N95 respirator is a respiratory protective device designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles. Note that the edges of the respirator are designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth. Surgical N95 Respirators are commonly used in healthcare settings and are a subset of N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators (FFRs), often referred to as N95s.


  • surgical mask is a loose-fitting, disposable device that creates a physical barrier between the mouth and nose of the wearer and potential contaminants in the immediate environment. These are often referred to as face masks, although not all face masks are regulated as surgical masks. Note that the edges of the mask are not designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth. However, a surgical mask is useful for block most chance of infected virus, it is far more better than not wear masks.


  •  The similarities among surgical masks and surgical N95s are:
    • They are tested for fluid resistance, filtration efficiency (particulate filtration efficiency and bacterial filtration efficiency), flammability and biocompatibility.
    • They should not be shared or reused.

About masks orders and the COVID-19 virus

N95 In Stock operations continue but delivery times may be longer than usual
Last updated on April 21, 2020.

Reusable masks / Makrite masks / hand sanitizer 3 products can be shipped in the U.S.

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1. Can I place an order? Will FedEx/DHL/USPS deliver the package?
Yes, customers can continue to buy any in-stock masks product in our store. Some delivery times are longer than usual. Please do not use delivery addresses for buildings that may be closed due to the current provisions (e.g. workplaces). Please note FedEx / DHL / USPS shipping updates.
2. What’s the status of my order and delivery? Can I change the delivery address on my order?
You can track your order from Your Orders. You can change the delivery address for an order until it ships. Once your order has shipped, you can find tracking information in your order details. If an order includes multiple items, each may have separate delivery dates and tracking information.
3. Why are some items, Prime and Non-prime, taking longer to ship?
As COVID-19 has spread, we’ve seen an increase in people shopping online and buy masks. This increased demand has resulted in some of our delivery times being longer than usual.
4. Can I still make returns?
We do not accept returns!
Once the masks and anti-epidemic products are issued, for absolute security reasons, we cannot accept any products returned. Please check at the time of receipt.
If the product has any quality problems or defects, please contact us in time, we will investigate and deal with it according to the actual situation.
For this reason, we will also strictly check when shipping, please contact us for any questions.

Wear a mask!

I woke up in the morning and saw an ABC article with the headline: "Trump supports Americans to hide their faces, and the working group is discussing mask guidelines."After looking at it, Trump spoke very gently, especially emphasizing that covering your face in public is not a bad idea.

He said: You can use scarves, many people have scarves, you can use scarves. The scarf will be fine. My feeling is that if people want to do this, there is definitely no harm. I'll do it. If you wear a scarf, it's better to go out and wear a mask.

The media explained:
1. Trump informally advises everyone to wear a mask;
2. If you can't find a mask, use a scarf.
3. Anyway, covering your face is not a bad thing.

Finally, Americans are going to wear masks! The president changed his mind. What about the vice president? Don't forget, as Chief Commander of the United States, Pence is publicly stated before, but Americans do not need to wear masks.

CNN latest interview:CNN goes straight to the point: Do ordinary Americans need to wear scarves (faces) and masks?

Burns Tai Chi Pushing Hands: As long as you keep six feet (about 1.8 meters) with you, that will give you enough protection, but we are studying the problem of masks, and the CDC will submit relevant suggestions to the president.Cunning Burns no longer categorically denied it, but kicked the ball directly and threw it to the CDC.

What is CDC's attitude? Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House Special Team to respond to the new crown and known as the "Captain", said:
To make masks more widely used in the whole community, we are having a very active discussion on this. If one does not want to be infected or infect others, one of the best methods is to use masks, but one obstacle is that it must be ensured Take the mask ...

Other American experts are more straightforward than Fauci. For example, a New York Times editorial said that masks certainly work. Just look at how China, Japan, and South Korea responded.
Do you understand the logic?
Trump: Support for covering your face. If you cannot find a mask, then use a scarf. The scarf is good!
Burns: We are discussing and will submit a proposal soon.
Expert: The only obstacle is that you can't grab the masks of our medical staff ...

No one said that wearing a mask is bad, and no one said that wearing a mask is unnecessary!
In an interview with Science magazine, Comrade Gao Fu was outspoken:
In my opinion, the biggest mistake in the US and Europe is that people don't wear masks. The virus is transmitted through droplets and close contact. Droplets play a very important role, you must wear a mask, because when you speak, there are always droplets coming out of your mouth. Many people are asymptomatic or have an incubation period after infection. If they wear a mask, they can prevent the droplets carrying the virus from infecting others.

Please note: the biggest mistake!To be sure, after more than two months of tossing, Americans are finally putting on their masks.

Finally, Americans are going to wear masks! It is said that 80% of the world's mask production capacity is in China.
Don't forget, when Fuxi reminded not to grab the masks of medical staff, there was the following sentence:
If the supply of our masks is sufficient, I believe that there will be some very serious considerations and suggestions to further expand the use of masks.

The meaning is too clear:
1. Well, the reason is now that masks are out of stock;
2. If it is enough, we definitely recommend it.

N95 face masks warnings and use limitations

Always be sure that the complete product N95 Face Mask is:

  1. Suitable for the application
  2. Fitted correctly
  3. Worn during all periods of exposure
  4. Replaced when necessary

Proper selection, training, use and appropriate maintenance are essential in order for the N95 face mask product to help protect the wearer from certain airborne contaminants.

Failure to follow all instructions on the use of these respiratory protection products and/or failure to properly wear the complete product during all periods of exposure may adversely affect the wearer’s health, lead to severe or life threatening illness or permanent disability.For suitability and proper use follow local regulations, refer to all information supplied or contact a safety professional/representative.

Before use, the wearer must be trained in use of the complete product in accordance with applicable Health and Safety standards/guidance.
These N95 face mask products do not contain components made from natural rubber latex.
These N95 face mask products do not protect against gases/vapours.

Do not use in atmospheres containing less than 19.5% oxygen.Individual countries may apply their own limits on oxygen deficiency.Seek advice if in doubt.
Do not use for respiratory protection against atmospheric contaminants/concentrations which are unknown or immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH).
Do not use with beards or other facial hair that may inhibit contact between the face and the product thus preventing a good seal.

Leave the contaminated area immediately if:

a) Breathing becomes difficult.
b) Dizziness or other distress occurs.

Discard and replace the respirator if it becomes damaged, breathing resistance becomes excessive or at the end of the shift.
Do not alter, modify, clean or repair this N95 face mask respirator.
In case of intended use in explosive atmospheres.
Before initial use, always check that the product is within the stated shelf life (use by date).