How to choose face masks

Daily dust proof masks
Only block dust and spray, not designed for block virus Not qualified for blocking any virus.
Medical disposal masks Can block germs. Can block spray. No strict requirements for virus protection
·Standard YY/T0969-2013
Not qualified for blocking coronavirus.

Medical surgical masks
Designed for germs and virus protection. Can block spray which contains coronavirus.
·Standard YY0469-2011 “surgical mask”
·Wear it during daily use, public transportation, taxi driver, social workers and public service.
·Reduces much of the chance of infection
·It’s cheap and disposal

Designed for micron virus protection. Can block particles and spray which contains coronavirus.
·Standard GB2626-2006 /FDA /CE
·Marks N95/KN95 “protective mask”
·Wear it if have risk contacting with infected persons when going out, shopping or small gatherings.
·Reduces most of the chance of infection

Medical protective/ N95/FFP3
·Standard GB19083-2010 /FDA /  CE
·Marks N95 NIOSH  “medical protective mask”
·Wear it if have high risk be infected such as at hospital or facing or contacting patients.
·Reduces almost all of the chance of infection
NIOSH lab tested  FDA certificated CE certificated