3M N95 particulate respirator mask NIOSH 3M 8210vcn with exhale valve 1box of 10pcs

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  • 3M brand new professional particulate respirator headworn mask
  • with ClodFLow TM breathing valve
  • Material: 3M unique high efficiency electrostatic filter material
  • Quality guarantee period: 3 years
  • Product packaging: 10 pcs / box,   item contains 1 box
  • Product certification: NIOSH N95
  • Product features: small breathing resistance,  comfortable to wear
  • Filtration rate: not less than 95%
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3M Singapore Authentication Process
Package: shipping with the original box
  • The 8210V / 8210V(CN) are same products made in China, difference in printing, both 3M original box.
  • Difference with 8210V(CN )and 8511:
    The most obvious difference is that 8511 uses 3M special M-shaped nose clip, which is more easily molded to match the shape of nose bridge;
    8210vcn head band is made of rubber, 8511 head band is woven, which has better skin affinity;
    a little difference between the two masks in cup shape may also be suitable for different face types.

Certificate label of this item
FDA Approved N95 Approved for usage in the US and confirmed quality safety in accordance with US laws and regulations
NIOSH N95 Approved for CDC medical usage, passed the NIOSH NPPTL N95 Particulate Filtering test
KN95 Approved for usage in China, passed the China GB 95% test
CE Approved for usage in Euro, passed the CE FFP2 Filtering test

Additional information

Weight 400 g



1pack of 10pcs


FDA approval N95;
CE EN149:2001 FFP2;
NIOSH lab Approval: TC-84A-1299;
GB2626-2006 KN95;

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